Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

If you are a company in need of a specific custom design or branded corporate uniform, than our Corporate Workwear Division is solely dedicated to managing your Workwear requirements. We are dedicated in providing you with a tailored specific solution to suit your corporate identity. We do corporate re-branding on all Giordano Apparel, adding of Logos, brands, and designs.

Our services include:
  • The conception and design of the uniforms based on your companies needs.
  • Alignment with your company’s Corporate Identity.
  • Customised ordering for specialised needs.
  • Distribution of garments to a nominated warehouse/head office.
  • Individual packing and delivery to each and every person within the company.
  • Distribution of garments to individual businesses and their subsequent retail outlets.
  • Sales support:
    • We have Sales Advisors in each region to attend to your in-store requirements.
    • Should you require a fitting – we have dedicated staff that will ensure your staff are dressed comfortably and correctly.
 If your company has a nationwide reach, contact us for further information regarding sizes, option, and colours available.